About Our Company & Services


Founded in 1997, SSW Construction Corporation is a client entered and results focused construction firm. With a solid a reputation for doing honest work, the firm places integrity and skill at the front of everything we do.

More often than not, clients come to us via referral or word of mouth. The commercial construction industry may be big but it's still a pretty tight community. We know the better our services the more opportunities will come our way.

Every project receives our full and undivided attention. This allows us to guarantee the work and provides clients with assurance that they made the right choice.


Who We Are...

We are builders, plain and simple. But we're also sports fans, mountain climbers, fishing enthusiasts, dog owners, volunteers and parents. We're people who enjoy each other, our work and our families. In other words, we're just like you!

What we are is more than a résumé. We have experience, training and technical skills, but so do others. What sets us apart is our enthusiasm, and our belief that earning trust and respect is more important than earning a quick buck.


What We're About...

Our business strategy is simple: to be the best by embracing innovation, demonstrating excellence and by displaying character in all that we do. We also understand that being the best means delivering results for our clients and our project teams.

In the end, we're about fresh ideas, direct involvement, shared success, staying on target and a hassle free approach to business. We're about providing solutions to build your dreams.